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Passionate presenter, curriculum designer, illustrator, creative writer/songwriter, graphic facilitator & former elementary teacher, Kerr thrives on finding engaging ways to facilitate learning & creativity.


He also loves teaming up with others to bring their passion-projects and "blue-sky" ideas to life.

He also finds it weird to write in the third-person. Like...super-weird.

HOWEVER...he ALSO loathes starting sentences with "I am" and seeming braggadocious...




Here's his/my C.V.:

- Has presented to thousands of students and adults - on topics varying

  from cartooning & creative writing to co-operatives & careers, marketing,

  brand ambassador programs, facilitation techniques & motivational talks

- Has created and sold two animated TV series to Canadian Production


- Winner of the 2019 Co-operative Spirit award by the Ontario

   Co-operative Association -


- Created the the All 4 Each Co-operative Education Project (designed,

  wrote & illustrated) which was awarded first place for Mobilization &

  Involvement at the 2014 International Summit of Co-operatives


- Awarded 1st place in the 2013 CCA Communications Contest for “Best

  Presentation" for a presentation entitled "From Beards to Eternity: Our

  Co-operative History"


- Winner of the 2012 William Hlushko Award to Young Co-operative


- Former elementary teacher with the Peel District School Board

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